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Global Freight Professionals Rules of Membership


Global Freight Professionals comprises of each member who is on the Membership List.
Members must be privately owned businesses, partnerships or corporations, involved in the international transport sector and it's ancillary industries.

The Application Procedure may be reviewed or modified at any time by the GFP Board.
The Annual Membership Fee, which covers one calendar year is payable by each member at the time of application or renewal.

A company shall cease to be a member of the GFP if:

  • the member gives notice of resignation in writing to the GFP Board, or:
  • the GFP Board considers that the Member is not able to perform fully all the functions and operations required to satisfy other members, or:
  • that they consider that the member has falsely claimed the services, which they are unable to perform, or:
  • the Member does not adhere to the Rules of Membership.

All new members are subject to a probationary period of 12 months in order to assess their commitment to Global Freight Professionals.
Members accept and understand that all transactions are undertaken at their own risk and judgment and that, under no circumstances, can Global Freight Professionals be held responsible.
Members are encouraged to add the GFP logo and name onto their company stationery, including website, letterhead and business cards.
It is preferred that GFP Members do not to belong to, or be actively associated with, any company, group, association or organisation which is deemed by the GFP Board to be in competition with GFP and/or its members.  The GFP Board reserves the right to expel a member(s) if it is felt that the company is not working within the spirit of GFP.

Transactions Between Members

Members are under no obligation to transact with each other but if they choose to:-

  • Where applicable, members must respond to quote requests from other members within 24 hours
  • GFP cannot be held responsible and does not accept any liability, financial or otherwise, for commercial and/or financial arrangements made between members.
  • Payment terms must be mutually agreed between GFP Members, prior to the commencement of services.
Post-Nominal Letters

Personal member are entitled to use the post-nominal letters MGFP on their business cards and other stationery provided they have a current, valid membership.

Applicable Law

The Membership Rules, Code of Conduct, your use of the websites and and any other information are governed by the Laws of England.
By using you submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England.
You irrevocably agree that the courts of England shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute which may arise out of, under, or in connection with the Membership Rules, Code of Conduct, your use of the website and any other information.